Amy Whittle

Artificial Afterlife

"As a non believer I too desire a form of afterlife, as an interaction designer I believe these notions can be realised with the help of technology."

Artificial Afterlife tells a personal interpretation regarding spiritual phenomena. Additionally, the installation focusses on mystifying technology, using exposed wires, apparatus and sockets physically connected with the dead.

Inspired by galvanism and the famous novel Frankenstein, an analogue electronic circuit was created using deceased animals as an energy source. The deceased animal (donated by a local animal rescue center) is the circuit's key, generating red and blue visuals on a monitor screen. Without this source, the monitor will not be powered nor will it produce any visuals. With this set-up I am trying to introduce a combination of opposite theories: technology and spirituality.


    speculative design
    conceptual design
    glitch art
    information design


    Hendrik Valk Award (2017)
    Can 2016 - Highlights and Favourites



many thanks to

    Garry Whittle
    Frank Kolkman
    Stichting Hendrik Valk
    RSPCA Netherlands
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