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Amy Whittle
is a dutch based tech-artist and freelance designer with a fascination for data, prints, video, products and installations focusing on interactivity. Her works can be considered either art, design or a combination of the two, intertwining different and non artistic disciplines to projects based on technology, biology and history.

The work might be recognised by its nostalgic character as a lot of projects are inspired by family or her childhood. Her interests in late 19 and early 20th century machinery comes from her english father who has an engineering background. Other inspirational sources are more related to her childhood in general.

“In a growing society where people are becoming more familiar with the computer I am striving to find a balance between two technical disciplines: the mechanical and the computerised.”

Neural #55

“Artificial Afterlife, corpses, energy and aparatus”



“Everyday Life”


Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem

“We are the young ones”


Artificial Afterlife was at

The Etched Inkjet Printer was at

Not Safe For Work was at

Inhale/Exhale was at

The Mystery of Technology

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