Amy Whittle


Followollof is a website researching online behaviour is a website claiming to have one goal: "researching my online behaviour when my web history is accessible worldwide". On social media, I announced my browser history could be followed live, hoping to increase the amount of visitors spying through my queries. They could find all sorts of guilty pleasures: facebook profiles, my music playlist, video searches, google images and searches, etc. Meanwhile I made a private background:, revealing the true purpose of

"Welcome to the background and true purpose of, where I am watching the visitors without them knowing so. My goal was to capture the viewer's curiosity, hoping they could find an interesting or perhaps even embarrassing URL that I have been searching, browsing freely without getting away with it. By clicking on my history searches, I save their information such as IP addresses and location. With this I have revealed their unconscious interest or even curiosity in my searches, it shows the often shallow side of internet users, as some would have never even visited the website, knowing I would be watching them instead. More importantly, it shows the ignorence of todays online users, as the website shows getting information about someone else is not so difficult. Followollof is not a portrait of myself, described in the previous and false description, it is an invisible reflection of spying/surveillance."


    conceptual design
    experimental webdesign


    front-end development
    back-end development

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    Daniel Powers
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